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 ClubYugiohPlayers Rules

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PostSubject: ClubYugiohPlayers Rules   ClubYugiohPlayers Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 5:52 pm

CYP rules MUST be followed and not following them will be punished. The rules are: 1 - Before writing a reply to a post, read ALL posts before it so you won't repeat something that was already said. 2 - Do NOT reply with only a single word like "hi" or "s'up". or even any faces. 3 - Do NOT post more than 2 times in a row. 4 - Do NOT insult other members in public or in a private chat. 5 - Do NOT make off-topic themes in your dorm you will be able to create them in the proper section of the forum. 6 - If you post the results of a duel or something for a competition post it in the PROPER section. 7 - Do NOT harass members for their real names, cities or addresses. If the other members want to tell you they will. 8 - Do NOT post pictures or links to websites that contain any pornographic or anything inappropriate. 9 - Do NOT make more than 1 account. 10 - Do NOT abuse the rep button. 11 - You may only post decks for fixes in the Deck Center if you have less than 30 posts. 12 - Do NOT sexually harass any member of this forum. Any form of sexual harassment will result in a permaban
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ClubYugiohPlayers Rules
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