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 Lesson #2 : Knowing When to Attack Your Opponent at the Correct Time

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PostSubject: Lesson #2 : Knowing When to Attack Your Opponent at the Correct Time   Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:41 am

If you have, I don't know, Blue-Eyes White Dragon on your field and you opponent has 100 Lp left and you attack directly. Good game my kind sir, but wait! He activated Magical Cylinder! Ahahaha....... and then you lose. Doesn't that sound familiar? Well, in order to be successful at attacking, you must know and guarantee yourself that there are no objects (In this case, Spell and Traps) are in your way of winning the duel. First off, if you have a monster on your side of the field and your opponent has a face down monster, unless your monster does piercing damage, it isn't worth it. Because, you don't know what it is, and if it is Penguin Solder, it is really going to mess up your day. So before you destroy the monster with spells and traps, you might need to set some counter traps if your opponent try's to negate the card you are activating, such as "Nobleman of Crossout" and being negated by "Solemn Judgment", which then you can negate their counter with a card such as "Dark Bribe". But what if your opponent had no front field? And you had to get rid of those nasty spells and traps, you could use "Rainbow Neos" that makes you sacrifice 1 for many, or using a card such as "Sasuke Samurai #2" that allows both you and your opponent not to activate Spell/Trap cards so that then you can attack with Blue-Eyes White Dragon and kill you opponent! Good game!

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Lesson #2 : Knowing When to Attack Your Opponent at the Correct Time
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